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The 2nd Subregional Contest 2023

Man proposes, God disposes. This year’s 2nd Subregional Contest turned out completely differently than we planned. Every year I prepare a schedule of VHF contests that we will go under the radio club callsign OM3KSI, and which contests we will go to on own callsigns. This year, the 2nd Subregional Contest was also planned under […]

First signal from GRBAlpha

GRBAlpha is successfully in Earth orbit! The first signal sent by the satellite beacon was received on the Earth. The signal was received by a radio amateur station from Australia VK4JBE, in the locator QG62MM.

Information for radio amateur enthusiasts

One of the functions of GRBAlpha is also a digipeater with severall modes. The satellite carries a transciever called Cormorant NX-TRX4 on board. Robo Laszlo OM1LD, together with developers from Needronix s.r.o., is behind the develepoment of this transciever.