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CQ WW RTTY Contest 2020

48 hours, 2 operators, 2 operators in training, 3 bands, 2 antennas and 1 radio station. This is also how the last weekend of September could be described.

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Our result from WW RTTY WPX Contest 2019

In February this year, we started the operation of our radio club OM3KSI, straight in the RTTY race. We didn’t have high expectations, as none of us had much experience with this race. We went only a few hours. We had to deal with a number of technical problems during the race, especially tuning the antenna to the 80 m band, which we didn’t manage and made only 4 connections on this band.

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Atmosphere during CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2019

Saturday, 9th February 2019, was an extraordinary day for us. After many years, the OM3KSI call sign once again appeared on the amateur radio bands. At 8:16 UTC, we established our first connection in the contest with station UC0A on the 14 MHz band. We thus began a new history of the OM3KSI radio club. We wished ourselves successful operation and toasted with sparkling wine for children, as there are also abstainers among us. :) We published this event on our Twitter account (@om3ksi) as well as my own (@om8wg), and the news of our club started to spread quickly all around the world.

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