3rd Subregional Contest (Field Day) 2019

This year’s Field Day was attended only by Dusan, OM3WAK, for our radio club, as I (OM8WG) am a member of a contest team in our partner radio club OM3KTR and I always go this contest with them on the 144 MHz band, where I take it in turns with Juraj, OM2XA.

Dusan dusted off one antenna he had in his cellar, a 10 element BOXKITE-X, and decided to test it in the contest. Due to Dusan’s limited possibilities, he attached it only to the rotator he has on his balcony.

Dusan made 27 connections in the race gaining 2 035 points. The ODX was 9A0V, from the JN95PE, which represents 427 km. When I returned from Trnava, Dusan told me all about how it was going here in the ‘east’, what was happening on the band, who was wide and so on.

Under OM3KTR call sign in the JN88VL square, I was trying for skeds with stations from the east, such as with Peter, OM8AND and Imi, OM8KD, who were on the KST2me chat, but without any success at all. We couldn’t hear each other. Well, maybe in another contest, when I’ll be back in OM3KTR. :) You can read how I did in OM3KTR here.

To conclude, Dušan, thank you for finding the time and making at least a few connections under OM3KSI. We will be going the next race, the IARU Region-1 VHF Contest in September, together. :)