Helping Janko, OM3WA, build a mast

On Friday, 28 June 2019, we decided to help out our friend Janko, OM3WA, with the construction of an antenna mast. I, Peter OM8WG, set off from Košice at lunch time accompanied by Dušan OM3WAK, Milan OM8MM and Marcel OM8DM.

We took goulash cooked by Marcel, and along the way, Milan added some other fluids. When we got to Janko’s, Peter, HA9ACP, was already waiting for us. We were all ready at the mast 10 minutes later, hoping to have it all done as soon as possible. The boys’ wealth of experience fully manifested and the mast was built in no time. Pleased with the work done well, we sat down around a table and talked until the evening. We looked at some historical photos from amateur radio events and competitions, discussed a disturbance caused by elevators that Milan keeps experiencing and thought about how to organise thematic amateur radio meetings. The afternoon went by really quickly and we had to go back to Košice. Filled with new plans, we said our goodbyes and further discussed our ideas in the car on the way back to Košice.