Our result from WW RTTY WPX Contest 2019

In February this year, we started the operation of our radio club OM3KSI, straight in the RTTY race. We didn’t have high expectations, as none of us had much experience with this race. We went only a few hours. We had to deal with a number of technical problems during the race, especially tuning the antenna to the 80 m band, which we didn’t manage and made only 4 connections on this band.

We were therefore surprised with the result. We participated in the race in the category of Multi-Operators Single-Transmitter. We received 61,347 points, which was enough for:

  • 1st place in Slovakia,
  • 24th place in Europe and
  • 35th place in the world.

We were really chuffed with this result so we will prepare much better for the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest in September and will fight for a better position in this race.

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