Visit at OM0MS

Our plans to be active on QO-100 led us today, 13 June, to the village of Topoľovka near Humenné, the home of our friend, Štefan OM0MS.

Števo is the first active Slovak radio amateur on the Qatar satellite, he is the most active radio amateur in satellite communication and can be heard via connections through Moon-bounce. Apart from numerous things we had planned to deal with, we also wanted to test operation on QO-100 as we already have the transverter for 13cm. First, we successfully tested our transverter and Števo later made a connection with Vilo, OM0AAO.

After a lovely day, we went back home and I took back the motors for a rotator controlled by Arduino, so we can build a portable antenna system for connections via satellite.

Števo, thank you for having us and we look forward to connections, not only via QO-100 but also via other satellites orbiting our Earth and thanks to Daniel, OM0AAA, for introducing the motor control for the rotator with Arduino.