Preparation for the CQ WPX RTTY Contest

The date of the contest is approaching and three days before the contest, we haven’t even built any antennas. Janko, OM3ZAH, came to Košice on Wednesday, bringing along a ‘rubber rifle’, and willingly helped to build the 2 x 27 m non-resonant Double Zeppelin antenna. At the beginning, we couldn’t agree on where to start, but in the end, all turned out well. :) The antenna is ready for operation. Due to the fact that our club premises are being renovated, we will compete in the contest from my office.

On Wednesday, we also managed to connect the antenna to a YAESU FT-857 antenna tuner and tried to tune it to the 20 m band. We didn’t have enough time to experiment further, so we postponed testing the antenna until the next day. I got round to preparing for the contest on Friday. The computers and software for the contest are ready, so I hope everything will be fine.

And here is the signal from HZ1TT from Saudi Arabia on Friday lunchtime: